Kandace Watkins, Esq. – Board Co-Chair

I joined the NCCADV Board because I wanted to support an organization working towards a mission that is important to me.


Jamie Sellers* – Board Co-Chair

As a Direct Service Provider, I wanted to join the NCCADV Board to ensure that Region 3 had a presence and voice within the NCCADV.

* Program Council Member

Michael Wilson – Treasurer and Finance Chair

I joined the board after several years working on anti-violence related public policy. With a professional background in both public policy and finance, I joined the Board to bring those skills to the movement.

Laura O’Neal, MSW, LCSW – Secretary

I decided to join the NCCADV board for a variety of reasons. As a therapist, I work with people who experience(d) DV and/or IPV. While I believe in the healing process of therapy, I also know meaningful change must happen beyond the individual. Being trained in social work, I know we can’t underestimate the role our friend groups, families, communities, institutions, and policy decisions have on wellbeing. Volunteering with NCCADV allows me to leverage support at a systems level. The coalition is dedicated to responsive, equity-driven delivery of all its services and this is in alignment with my personal and professional values.

Vickie Evans

(I joined the Board) to add diversity. I’ve been advocating to end domestic violence since my early adulthood. I am a child witness of this horrific crime.

Leigh Sweet

I joined the Board to support North Carolina organizations who provide services to victims of domestic violence and who are committed to ending domestic violence.

KC Buchanan, MSW

I care deeply about ensuring futures without violence for all North Carolinians and especially for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC folks. I believe that effective support, training, and leadership in our movement in NC can lead to achieving that vision, and I want to be a voice for my community while uplifting the voices and experiences of those who I seek to be in solidarity with.

Mario Benavente

NCCADV is a model non-profit that has a critical mission and I hope to contribute towards their goals. The impact that issues of DV have in my community mean I need to learn as much as possible and contribute as much as possible towards solutions.

Elisabeth Jones, JD – Governance Chair

Working at two Domestic Violence Service Providers and working with NCCADV inspired me to go to law school and become a Family Law attorney. My Board service is important to me because I can stay close to the work that inspires me and I feel like direct service providers (both in and out of the courtroom) have an important role to play in serving those who are experiencing domestic violence.

Kristen Powers

I work alongside formerly incarcerated women who are survivors of intimate partner violence. I joined the NCCADV Board to support this organization as they build safe, survivor-centered communities.

Lauren Wilkie, LMSW, LCSW, LISW-AP/CP*

(I joined the Board) to represent direct service providers in Western North Carolina.

*Program Council Member.

Vickie Pait, MPA*

I felt that it was important for direct service providers to be involved on the board.

* Program Council Member

Dr. Tracey Ray, DMin, MA, MA* – Program Council Chair

I joined the NCCADV Board to be a voice for DVSPs (Domestic Violence Service Providers) and actively participate in furthering the work related to domestic violence prevention/intervention.

* Program Council Member

Courtney Cottrell*

I serve on the NCCADV Board as a Domestic Violence Service Provider (DVSP) representative for Region 6 in the northeast. My role is to advocate for the needs of DVSPs and the survivors we serve, and to collaborate with the Coalition on statewide trends and emerging needs.

* Program Council Member

Lucretia Banks, Ph.D*

As an employee of an HBCU in a rural part of North Carolina, I felt this would be a great opportunity to provide insight on the need for additional resources in this part of the state and at our university as we serve our student population. I have a desire to help individuals in need of services and resources, while also helping those that may not be in immediate need so they will have the knowledge needed in the event they endure a situation related to domestic or sexual violence.

* Program Council Member

Bridget McEnaney*

I care deeply about how we are supporting survivors across the state, so I’m excited to support NCCADV’s mission on all fronts, from technical assistance for DV service providers to legislative advocacy that centers the needs of survivors.

* Program Council Member