Pairing independent study with engaging group sessions delivered on a virtual platform. Some of our current Virtual Trainings include the following:

Advocates’ Institute: The Basics

A five-week flipped classroom style training that includes five live Zoom calls where participants will be able to discuss and practice what they learned in their independent study. This training is specifically designed for advocates looking to learn or revisit the basics of domestic violence advocacy.

Lunch and Learns

A bi-monthly training that explores rotating topics relevant to working in the domestic violence movement. This training is specifically designed for staff at local agencies and allied partners to stay up-to-date on new and pertinent information in the field.

Legal Policy in Practice

A bi-monthly training focused on a single topic related to current policy and compliance . This training is especially important for advocates providing support in the court systems, working with law enforcement, and for leadership at local programs.

A collection of self-paced training modules that contain a combination of recorded PowerPoint presentations, personal reflection activities, and community discussion boards . Some of our currently available e-learning modules include the following:

Domestic Violence Awareness

This course will provide participants with information about domestic violence, relevant vocabulary, and a limited knowledge of warning signs and possible interventions. We recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about domestic violence. Please note this is our only training available to everyone, regardless of NCCADV membership.

New Domestic Violence Advocate Training

This course will help new domestic advocates understand their role, define domestic violence and its impacts, and explore the factors that influence your advocacy approach. We recommend this training for newly onboarded advocates, advocates new at an agency, and anyone looking to reflect on their role in the domestic violence movement.

Advocates’ Institute: Confidentiality and Advocate Privilege

This course will help advocates understand their legal obligations with regard to client confidentiality, advocate privilege, and best practices for serving survivors related to these obligations. We recommend each staff person at a local program complete this training once per year.

Language Access in North Carolina

This course will equip advocates with the information, tools, and resources to provide meaningful language access to survivors with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) in North Carolina. We recommend this course to anyone working in the court system, as well as staff at local programs looking to improve accessibility for survivors with LEP in their community.

On-site training to engage a specific group of domestic violence workers and allies in relevant content. Some of our regularly occurring in-person trainings include the following:

Advocates’ Institute

A three-day course intended for new advocates to hone their domestic violence knowledge and advocacy skills. We recommend this training to new advocates, advocates who are new to their agency, and anyone who feels they need a refresher.

Legal Advocates’ Institute

A two-day intensive legal seminar for court advocates to develop the knowledge and tools available for advocacy in legal spaces. We recommend this training to any advocate working with survivors in the court system or accessing law enforcement. We also recommend completing the Advocates’ Institute prior to participating in the Legal Advocates’ Institute.

Request a Training is a membership benefit where eligible members are able to request ONE training per year on unique and specific topics. The eligible member types include:

  • Domestic Violence Agency Members
  • Culturally Specific Organizations
  • Campus Members

Eligible members may request one training per year from the Training Request Menu. The Menu is updated as new training becomes available. Our current training menu includes the following:

  • Mental Health and Substance Use
  • Technology Abuse
  • Trauma-Informed Shelters
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