Who Can Become a Member?

Membership is open to domestic violence agencies, community partners, colleges, and individuals. If you share our vision of eliminating domestic violence in North Carolina, we invite you to become a member!

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Membership Benefits

  • Free access to our trainings
  • Get answers to your questions, program materials, and tailored support (technical assistance) on a variety of topics
  • Members-only email list
  • Networking and peer learning opportunities
  • Discounted registration fee for our biennial conference
  • Access to resources such as toolkits, quick guides, awareness materials, tip sheets, and more!

*All services are based on our staff and resource availability. Any changes in membership fees will be announced at least 6 months before taking effect.

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Membership Categories

Domestic Violence Agency Members

Domestic Violence Agency Members are agencies or organizations that provide essential domestic violence crisis services (ex: 24/7 crisis line, emergency shelter, court advocacy, etc.). Advocates with these agencies are subject to the provision of the victim advocate privilege statute CRS 13-90-107 (1)(K).

Click here for full summary of Domestic Violence Agency Membership.

Domestic Violence Agency Members pay a yearly fee of 0.1% of your annual domestic violence budget (.001 x DV program expense budget). Agencies with a budget below $25,000 pay $25, and agencies with a budget above $1,000,000 pay $1,000. Domestic Violence Agency Memberships operate on a calendar year schedule, so memberships expire every year on December 31st regardless of when membership was obtained. Membership dues are not pro-rated.

Community Partner Members

Community Partner Members are organizations that do not fit the description of domestic violence agency or campus intimate partner violence (IPV) program.


  • legal services
  • healthcare providers
  • churches
  • domestic violence intervention programs (DVIPs)
  • social services
  • domestic violence awareness (no crisis services)
  • LGBTQ centers

Click here for a full summary of Community Partner Membership.

Community Partner Membership fee has changed starting January 1, 2023. The Community Partner Membership fee is now based on organizational budget:

Organization’s Annual BudgetMembership Fee
Less than $150,000$50/calendar year
$150,000 – $500,000$150/calendar year
More than $500,000$250/calendar year

Community Partner Memberships operate on a calendar year schedule, so memberships expire every year on December 31st regardless of when membership was obtained. Membership dues are not pro-rated.

Individual & Student Members

Individual & Student Members are individual persons who support the mission, vision and values of NCCADV. Click here for a full summary of Individual & Student Membership.

Individual & Student Membership annual fee is pay-what-you-can between $5 and $50.

Campus Members

Campus Members are colleges and universities in North Carolina that:

  • Work directly or indirectly with victims/survivors and/or perpetrators of IPV
  • Strive to reduce IPV through education, policy, and/or social change
  • Support the mission, vision, and values of NCCADV
  • Do not meet the qualifications of a Domestic Violence Agency

Campus Memberships are offered in three tiers. Benefits vary according to the level of membership. Benefits apply to staff, faculty, and/or students on your campus. Travel and parking costs for on-site services must be covered by the college/university.

Each Campus Membership helps us strengthen the anti-violence movement across North Carolina. Join us today as we foster connections among campus professionals who are striving to make our state free from intimate partner violence (IPV). Click here for a full printable summary of Campus Membership.

Membership Discount for Culturally-Specific Organizations

  • Culturally-specific organizations receive a discount on membership fees, using a pay-what-you-can structure
  • Includes organizations that serve marginalized communities. These communities are often under-served in the domestic violence field. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • HBCUs
    • LGBTQ centers
    • non-Christian religious organizations
    • Immigrant services
    • Latinx organizations
  • NCCADV offers peer learning opportunities solely for members who are culturally specific organizations.

Payment Information

The membership fee can be paid in full, on a monthly payment plan, or on a quarterly payment plan. Please contact us if the fee is not affordable for you or your organization. We are happy to discuss how NCCADV membership can be more accessible for you!