Domestic Violence Homicides

NCCADV tracks deaths which are a result of intimate partner violence. Our list includes victims killed by their current or former intimate partner as well third parties killed because of intimate partner violence. Intimate partners include same-sex and opposite-sex intimate partners. To let us know about a domestic violence homicide that we should include on our list, please email us at

We hope that this list helps legislators and other policy makers understand the cost of domestic violence and their power to make change. Policies that prevent violence and protect victims save lives.

Disclaimer: NCCADV has collected information on domestic violence homicides in North Carolina since January 1, 2002. Information is gathered from public sources, primarily from media reports. This information is not intended to be an official record of all domestic violence homicides and family violence homicides in prior years in North Carolina for the time period covered. Homicides are included based on case specific information that demonstrates a correlation between intimate partner violence and the death of the victim. Nothing included in this information is intended to represent a legal standard of guilt or innocence. Please contact NCCADV if there is a homicide not listed that should be considered for inclusion on this website.

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