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New Intermediate Advocates' Institute Trainings

NCCADV’s Training Program is excited to announce four Intermediate Level trainings as part of the Advocates' Institute! These trainings will be offered to all Members who have completed Introduction Level: The Advocates' Institute: The Basics and Introduction Level: The Advocates' Institute: Confidentiality & Advocate Privilege trainings.

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Intermediate Level Trainings Include:

    • NCCADV’s Training Program appreciates your patience and understanding over the past year. We are dedicated to delivering high quality trainings that are relevant, engaging, and meet the ongoing needs of our members. Transitioning our high-quality training content to an e-learning structure that meets our high standards has taken time and we are confident our Members will be thrilled with the results.

      To ensure the best possible training program that meets our Members' needs we have:
    • Developed a clear understanding of adult online learning best practices
    • Created fresh trainings designed specifically for online learning
    • Incorporated highly effective online tools to ensure engaging and experiential trainings
    • Used the 2019 NCCADV Needs Assessment to guide our 2021 Training Calendar design

      Our 2021 Training Calendar will address the need for more online training content as identified in the Needs Assessment. Beginning this year, we are transitioning our program to provide primarily online trainings increasing accessibility to NCCADV Members across North Carolina. We also focused on training topics our Members named as high priority training needs.

    2021 Training Program Offerings

      Over the course of 2020 our Training Team designed a completely virtual Advocates’ Institute that focuses on the most up-to-date best practices in Adult Online Education. Advocates’ Institute will now consist of a series of group-based trainings combining self-paced study with live, highly interactive video calls. The new Advocates’ Institute series includes the original 35 hrs of content that was offered in person, as well as the content from our Legal Advocates’ Institute.

      After our successful pilot run of the first training, Advocates’ Institute: The Basics our Training Team is excited to roll out this innovative and highly accessible Advocates’ Institute over the course of the first half of 2021. For more information, please visit the Advocates’ Institute Training Series webpage and the Advocates' Institue FAQ.

      Since February 2021, NCCADV's Training and Legal and Policy Teams have created monthly Compliance trainings. The Compliance Series will provide a monthly training focused on a single topic related to current policy and other legal issues. These calls will be especially important for advocates providing support within the legal system.

      These trainings contain a combination of recorded presentations, personal reflection activities, and discussion board questions. There are currently two trainings available in this "on-demand" format including the which is a prerequisite for all Intermediate Level Trainings. For more information, please visit our Online Trainings On Demand webpage.

      Request a Training is a Membership Benefit for Domestic Violence Agency Member, Culturally Specific Organizations, and Campus members. Requested trainings will be conducted virtually, with a similar format of all of our training program trainings, to ensure a safe training experience for participants and NCCADV staff.

      For more information, please visit our Request a Training webpage

      When it is safe, we will begin offering occasional In-Person training opportunities. The decision about when to resume In-Person trainings will be made based on based on recommendations coming from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS).

Attending NCCADV Trainings

NCCADV trainings are FREE to all NCCADV Members.

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