Bold Economic Advocacy Program

Bold Economic Advocacy

(BEA) Change Project

BEA Change Project is the main project of our Economic Advocacy and Justice (EAJ) Program. We provide:

  • Funding;
  • Customized Program Assistance;
  • Training; and,
  • Creative Direction

for economic advocacy work at DV agencies across North Carolina.

What started as a program focused on addressing financial abuse through financial literacy, has grown into a program focused on holistic approaches for improving the economic reality for DV victims and survivors. We are invested in helping DV agencies do equitable economic advocacy projects that support healing justice and are designed to strengthen short- and long- term economic stability for their clients and their communities.

Project Funders:


BEA Change Project Parts:

Financial Education

We fund financial education work with the Moving Ahead Through Financial Empowerment grant. Visit the Moving Ahead and Purple Purse website to learn more about finncial abuse and what you can do to protect yourself , access the curriculum, and register for their free and open webinars.

Consumer Rights Advocacy

We partner with Center for Survivor Agency and Justice (CSAJ) to provide technical assistance and host advocacy trainings that help build the non-lawyer advocate toolbox for addressing consumer rights issues of DV victims and survivors. Visit CSAJ's consumer right advocacy page to learn more about their work.

Paid Family Leave Health Impact Assessment

We are collaborating with our Prevention team to assess the public health and economic impact of access to paid family leave. To learn more about this policy-based work, visit the CDC DELTA site

Economics and Healing Justice Learning Circle

We produce, co-host, and lead workshops and trainings that introduce participants to economic and healing justice frameworks and practices. Sign up to our Economic Advocacy Listserv (below) to receive news about upcoming events.




Current Funding Opportunities:

We do not have any active funding opportunities.

Email to connect, ask questions,explore partnerships, share funding opportunities, and share ideas.

Join the NCCADV Economic Advocacy Community Practice

Want to learn more about how to advance economic advocacy efforts for survivors you serve? Sign up to NCCADV's Economic Advocacy Community of Practice listserv! NCCADV's Economic Advocacy Community of Practice listserv is a hub for resources, networking, content, education and training opportunities for DV advocates and allied professionals working to:

  • Strengthen the economic well-being of domestic violence survivors in NC and,
  • Develop an intersectional framework for advancing survivor-centered economic justice.