Update 2023

As of 2023, this cash assistance program is no longer active.

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the economic challenges faced by survivors of intimate partner violence/domestic violence (IPV/DV). Particularly, survivors who identify as a part of the African, Black and/or Afro-Caribbean (ABC) community face hardships, that heighten chances for increased violence and harm to themselves and their families. In addition, survivors in rural areas live with persistent resource scarcity affecting accessibility to means of safety and wellness

In response to combating these hardships, NCCADV has temporary, limited funds available through December 1,2022, or until fully expended, to help eligible survivors in achieving a life with reduced harm. You are eligible to request these funds if:

– You self-identify as a victim and/or survivor of IPV/DV
– You are of African, Black or Afro-Caribbean descent; and
– You are a resident of either Halifax, Edgecombe or Nash County.

The limited funds can cover the following expenses necessary for increased safety and wellness:

– Rental assistance 
– Emergency hotel stay 
– Utilities assistance 
– Transportation needs (such as car repairs, taxi or Uber/Lyft services) 
– Medical/Medication purchases 
– Groceries 
– Child care 
– Counseling services 
– Cell phone/ telephone or internet services 
– Employment-related costs (such as uniform purchase or Tuberculosis or COVID testing) 

To provide this financial assistance, NCCADV requires an application to be completed, along with documentation supporting the request for financial assistance. For example, NCCADV will need a copy of a rental lease agreement or a copy of a mechanic’s estimate for car repairs.

NCCADV is collaborating with The REACH Center in Rocky Mount, NC to assist with applying for these funds. If you need in-person assistance in completing the application and you live in Halifax, Edgecombe or Nash County, please feel free to contact them by phone at (252) 937-2942

The application process is now closed. If you have financial assistance needs, please contact United Way’s 211 or your local domestic violence agency. Find your local domestic violence agency on our Get Help page.