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Many Benefits of NCCADV Membership

  1. Free technical assistance and specialized technical assistance
  2. Free or discounted registration to NCCADV’s Training Institute trainings, fundraisers, and social events
  3. Weekly informational emails –full of local, state, and national resources and information to support your work
  4. Access to on-site training and technical assistance
  5. Access to current legislative information, including NCCADV’s Lobbyist’s Reports
  6. Free resources such as posters, DVAM materials, and brochures
  7. Opportunities to network, share information and rejuvenate with other advocates in your area and across the state at Region and Membership Meetings
  8. Members also have access to all NCCADV listservs (directors, Latinx advocates, legislative, full membership lists and CCR), a convenient member to member communication tool throughout the year
  9. Opportunities to participate in caucuses for women of color, lesbian/bisexual women, rural advocates, and survivors of domestic violence
  10. Access to the NCCADV Resource Library including DV research papers and articles
  11. Legislative advocacy to support domestic violence programs and improve laws and policies for survivors and the prevention of DV
  12. NCCADV is involved in various taskforces, committees and boards on behalf of our membersto bring the voice of victims/survivors of domestic violence to the table (Administrative Office of the Courts- Domestic Violence Advisory Commission, Administrative Office of the Courts- Custody Mediation Advisory Committee, Victim Services Interagency Council NC, Domestic Violence Commission Batterers Intervention Committee, NC Child Fatality Task Force, NC Child, NC Child Fatality Prevention Team, Fostering Perspective Advisory Board)
  13. Access to the Members Only section of the website – Best Practices, Fundraising and Capacity Building, Court Advocacy, Support Groups for Latinx survivors and more

Importance of NCCADV Membership

Member dues help support the systems advocacy, prevention, and public policy work that assists survivors of domestic violence in North Carolina and the programs that serve them.

As a member you have access to a wide range of training, technical assistance and other resources at no cost. You are also part of a larger movement working to change how North Carolina responds to issues such as:

  • domestic violence
  • sexual assault in intimate relationships
  • teen dating violence
  • stalking
Without the support of your dues, this important work could not continue.

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