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Highlights of NCCADV Membership

  • Specialized training from NCCADV’s Training Program and tailored technical assistance on a variety of topics related to serving survivors and ending Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
  • Opportunities to network, learn from, and share information with other individuals and organizations in the IPV movement at events such as the annual Membership Meeting, semi-annual Campus Consortium meetings, and the biennial NCCADV Conference, as well as through various communities of practice
  • Informational emails: 1) a weekly newsletter full of local, state, and national resources and information to support your role in the IPV movement 2) access to all NCCADV listservs (Executive Directors, Economic Justice, Latinx Services, and Legislative Policy)
  • Free resources such as Project eNOugh posters and Futures Without Violence materials

Importance of NCCADV Membership

By becoming a member, you become a part of a social justice movement that works to change how North Carolina responds to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), specifically domestic violence, sexual assault in intimate relationships, teen dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking.

Your membership dues allow NCCADV staff to engage in systems advocacy, prevention and public policy work, while furthering NCCADV efforts to incorporate a social justice lens into the larger IPV movement. Dues also support NCCADV’s involvement in various taskforces and committees on behalf of our members to bring the voices of survivors to the table. Through this work, we are able to create positive change that will impact survivors and the organizations that serve them. Member dues help support the systems advocacy, prevention, and public policy work that assists survivors of domestic violence in North Carolina and the programs that serve them.

Membership Benefits for Culturally-Specific Organizations 

Starting on February 1, 2021, NCCADV is offering a new membership structure for culturally-specific organizations at a pay-what-you-can rate. This membership type is for organizations, campuses, and other entities that are rooted in and primarily serve historically marginalized communities (specifically those underrepresented in DV services). Examples include, but are not limited to, Latinx organizations, LGBTQ centers, organizations lead by and primarily serving African, Black, and Caribbean folks, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), disability organizations, group who primarily serves Muslim survivors, etc.

Our goal of creating the culturally-specific membership opportunity is to improve representation of and support for marginalized communities within our membership. This new type is not just a discount; it’s also a way for NCCADV to connect more intentionally with the folks in North Carolina doing work rooted in marginalized communities.

Details: Culturally-specific organizations with NCCADV membership receive technical assistance, trainings (including trainings offered to all members on our training calendar, as well as one training by request per year), and regular communications from NCCADV. Culturally-specific organizations are also voting members. 

Note: Culturally-specific organizations do not have an entirely separate category of membership; they are still Domestic Violence Agency Members, Community Partner Members, or Campus Members. However, they have a pay-what-you-can membership fee and are partners in NCCADV's growing efforts to better support culturally-specific organizations and survivors from marginalized communities across North Carolina. 

Please contact Natalie Pickett, Member Services Coordinator, at with questions and interest related to membership for culturally-specific organizations.

NCCADV Offers FOUR Types of Memberships:


Membership fee can be paid in full, on monthly payment plan, or on a quarterly payment plan. Additionally, if affording the membership fee is a barrier for you or your organization to become a member, please don't hesitate to contact Natalie Pickett, Member Services Specialist at to discuss how NCCADV membership can be more accessible for you. 

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If you have questions about membership or benefits, please contact Natalie Pickett, Member Services Coordinator at