DV Homicides in North Carolina

We have collected information on domestic violence homicides in North Carolina since January 1, 2002. Information is gathered from public sources, primarily from media reports.

This list serves as a memorial to the victims and families. It also shows the deadly impact domestic violence has here in North Carolina. We thank the media, advocates, allies, and surviving family members who help us with this project. We hope that by raising awareness of the deadliness of this crime that others will be saved.


NCCADV Comprehensive Homicide Report 2002-2010


NC Violent Death Reporting System

The North Carolina Violent Death Reporting System (NC-VDRS) also collects data on domestic violence homicides. NC-VDRS has collected data since 2004 and uses medical examiner records, vital statistics and law enforcement reports to capture domestic violence related homicides among North Carolina residents. Because data is collected from multiple sources, these reports are generally released 2 years after the calendar year in which homicides were perpetrated. Fact sheets that provide aggregated information on these homicides are here.


NC Department of Public Safety Reports

The NC Department of Public Safety (NC DPS) also releases a report that provides information about domestic violence homicides in North Carolina. Under a state law enacted in 2007, law enforcement agencies are required to report homicides in which the offender had a personal relationship to the victim as defined by Chapter 50-B of the NC General Statutes yearly to the State Bureau of Investigation.  The NC DPS analyzes these reports and releases a summary report each year providing statewide statistics on domestic violence and family violence homicides. See the latest Domestic Violence Homicides report from the NC DPS.

Beginning in 2008, NCCADV began collecting information on family violence homicides which were included in a separate list on our website. Family violence homicides are homicides that are not covered in the domestic violence homicide list and occur when one family member murders another family member. NCCADV supports honoring the families and victims in family violence homicides and acknowledging the devastating impact these homicides have on individuals, families and communities. Because the NC DPS releases a report capturing this data, beginning in 2011, NCCADV will no longer collect and post family violence homicide information. We support the Department of Public Safety’s efforts to maintain this database and capture this data. 



Domestic Violence Homicides
Domestic violence homicides occur when a person murders their current or former intimate partner and/or their children. A domestic violence homicide includes the murder of third parties. Examples include the murder of relatives of the person’s former or current intimate partner, someone attempting to protect their current or former intimate partner, or the current intimate partner of the person’s ex-partner. Domestic violence homicides include acts of self defense against an abusive partner. Current or former intimate partner relationships are indicated by an asterick (*).

This information is not intended to be an official record of all domestic violence homicides and family violence homicides in North Carolina for the time period covered and shall not be used for any purpose without prior permission from the NCCADV. Homicides are included based on case specific information that demonstrates a correlation between domestic violence and the death of the victim or family violence and the death of the victim. Nothing included in this information is intended to represent a legal standard of guilt or innocence.