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NCCADV is pleased to announce that we continue to partner with the NC Office on Disability and Health, the NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the NC Council for Women and the NC Governor’s Crime Commission to support local domestic violence and sexual assault programs in their efforts to become more accessible to survivors with disabilities. Over the past few years, this collaboration has produced the Fundamental Elements of Accessibility, a compilation of best practice guidelines for victim service programs to become more accessible.

For 2010 grantees, GCC will require compliance with these fundamentals as a requirement.

To support compliance with the fundamentals, GCC has allocated funding to help local programs purchase accessibility equipment. The NC Office on Disability and Health has surveyed local programs regarding what equipment they have and need. NCCADV will coordinate the purchase of this equipment on behalf of DV and SA programs in our state.

In order to get this FREE equipment, programs must:

  1. Have completed the accessibility equipment survey (all programs are now complete).

  2. Viewed the "Interacting with Persons with Disabilities" DVD and taken the related online quiz. This video is available on the websites of NCCADV, NCCASA, Council for Women, and NCODH. The record of your taking the quiz will be your pass to getting the equipment. If you have not already done so, please view the video and complete this quiz as soon as possible so that we do not experience any delays in distributing equipment.

  3. Complete the required “time log,” which will be used to calculate required match for this project. This time log will be distributed to programs in early summer, and an original signed copy must be received by NCCADV before equipment will be shipped. The log will collect information about your time spent viewing the accessibility video, discussing accessibility needs with your staff, responding to the quiz and installing any accessibility equipment, as well as basic salary information.

Please note that in the upcoming weeks, you will probably get a call to verify that you have received this information and to ensure your appropriate shipping information for the equipment.

Questions about this project may be directed to April Burgess-Johnson.

The information below is provided as a downloadable PDF file. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please click on the below icon for a quick download.

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