Economic Justice

In 2016, NCCADV introduced a focus on economic justice into its programming. Domestic violence survivors, advocates, and researchers agree that economic abuse is a common tactic that abusers use to wield power in relationships. Though economic abuse shows up in many different forms, its primary function is to control the partner's economic autonomy by complicating, limiting and/or restricting their access to family finances, assets, and resources that would otherwise allow them to be mobile.  

AllstateNCCADV is working to establish and strengthen our economic empowerment work through training, technical assistance, survivor-centered financial education and the development of a Matched Savings program. In partnership with NNEDV and the Allstate Foundation NCCADV will support and distribute the Moving Ahead Through Financial Empowerment curriculum. NCCADV will work with local programs to establish basic survivor-centered financial education programs, establish Matched Savings program for survivors to save money for a goal they set forth and receive matching funds, and to cultivate an active network of community organizations doing economic empowerment work across the state.  

NCCADV will initially work with two pilot sites in North Carolina:

  1. Safe Space, Inc, Louisburg, NC
  2. FSPCares, Greensboro, NC

If you would like to learn more about NCCADV's Economic Justice work please contact Economic Justice Specialist Adé Oni.


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