Campus Memberships

Each Campus Membership helps us strengthen the anti-violence movement across North Carolina. Join us today as we foster connections among campus professionals who are striving to make our state free from intimate partner violence (IPV).

Campus Memberships are available to any college or university in North Carolina that:

  • Works directly or indirectly with victims/survivors and/or perpetrators of IPV
  • Strives to reduce IPV through education, policy, and/or social change
  • Supports the mission, vision, and values of NCCADV
  • Does not meet the qualifications of a Domestic Violence Program 

Why Join?

By becoming a member, you can directly influence how North Carolina prevents and responds to IPV, sexual assault in intimate relationships, teen dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking.

Campus membership dues allow NCCADV staff to engage in systems advocacy, prevention, and public policy efforts. Dues also support NCCADV staff in their efforts to bring a social justice lens to the larger IPV movement. With your help, we are better able to create positive changes for student survivors and the organizations that serve them.

Campus Memberships are offered in three tiers. Benefits vary according to the level of membership. Benefits apply to staff, faculty, and/or students on your campus.

All services are based on staff and resource availability. Fees and benefits may be altered by NCCADV from time to time. Travel and parking costs for on-site services must be covered by the college/university. If you have questions about membership or benefits, please contact your Member Rep.

Campus Membership, Tier II


Campus Membership, Tier I