Online Training Program

Announcing NCCADV's Online Training Program

 NCCADV’s Training Program appreciates your patience and understanding over the past few months while we worked to transition our high quality training content to an e-learning structure. Our Training Team has been working hard to ensure our members receive high quality trainings that are relevant and engaging during this public health crisis.

Since March our Training Team has been:

  • Attending trainings to better understand best practices specific to adult online learning;
  • Reviewing our current in-person content to identify necessary changes when transitioning content online;
  • Researching and becoming familiar with various online training formats and platforms;
  • Modifying content to encorporate elements and techniques of adult online learning best practices; and
  • Developing a strategic plan for creating an online training program that is tailored to our unique audience, sometimes chanllenging subject matter, and available resources.

Our Team is excited to announce we are ready to open NCCADV's brand new Online Training Program. Begining with a Self-Paced Online Training Program, and developing virtual trainings with live facilitation in fall, 2020.

Self-Paced Online Training Program

Domestic Violence Awareness - Open to the Public

Domestic violence (DV) is a public health crisis, and numbers of domestic violence calls continue to increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. This course will provide an overview of domestic violence and provide participants with an opportunity to engage in material that will increase their understanding about how to support survivors of domestic violence. This training is open to the general public, although will have a few pieces of information that is specific to those working as advocates or in the violence prevention and response fields.  

Understanding Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Advocates - *Members Only, North Carolina Specific 

In serving survivors, domestic violence advocates have certain legal obligations that guide their practices. This course will help advocates understand their obligations with regard to client confidentiality, advocate privilege, and best practices for serving survivors related to these obligations. NOTE: Confidentiality laws vary by state. This training is specific to North Carolina.

*To view and register for Member Only trainings you must be logged into your NCCADV Member account. Not a member? Please visit for more information about membership benefits and how to become a member.

Check back here for more online trainings as they become available.