Advocates' Institute Training Series

The NCCADV Training Program’s Advocates’ Institute (A.I.) has been broken down into 7 focused trainings.

Each training builds upon the trainings before and consist of 5 live Zoom calls and online "prework" modules between calls. Each module in the trainings build on the previous weeks module. Besides the completely online and self guided "Confidentiality and Advocate Privilege" training; each A.I. training is 8-weeks long.

As advocates move through Advocates' Institute Training Series, advocates will be able to choose trainings based on their professional focus.

Introduction: 100 Level Trainings

There are no required training credits for Intro level A.I. trainings. Each training can be registered for at the convenience of the advocate.

Intermediate: 200 Level Trainings

To register for Intermediate trainings, advocates must have completed or received credit for both "A.I.: The Basics" and "A.I.: Confidentiality & Advocate Privilege"

Advanced: 300 Level Trainings

To register for the Advanced A.I. training, advocates must have completed all Introduction and Intermediate trainings.

Advocates' Institue FAQ 

For more information about the new Advocates' Institue Training Series visit our FAQ page.