Advocates' Institute Training Series

The NCCADV Training Program’s Advocates’ Institute has been broken down into a series of cohort-based modules consiting of 5 live Zoom calls and prework between calls. Each module builds on the previous module. As advocates move through Advocates' Institute Training Series, advocates will be able to choose trainings based on their professional focus.

100 Level Trainings

Advocates’ Institute - The Basics
  • Acquire knowledge related to domestic violence
  • Understand a diverse set of narratives related to the survivor experience
  • Understand the advocates' role in domestic violence
Advocates' Institute: Crisis Advocacy Skills
  • Communicate effectively with survivors in crisis  
  • Screen survivor needs related to health and wellness, including suicidality  
  • Implement effective advocacy services 
Advocates’ Institute: Legal Advocacy Skills
  • Learning objectives to come
Advocates’ Institute: Culturally Responsive Court Services
  • Learning objectives to come
Advocates’ Institute: Advocacy for Underserved Survivors
  • Learning objectives to come
Advocates’ Institute: Systems Advocacy
  • Learning objectives to come

Advocates' Institue FAQ 

For more information about the new Advocates' Institue Training Series visit our FAQ page.