Advocates' Institute FAQ

Training Eligibility

    Our Advocates' Institute curriculum builds on information from one training level to the next. Advocates will be more successful if they have the information from the trainings in previous levels.

    Training Title  Required Prerequisites 
    Introduction Level Trainings  
     Advocates' Institue: The Basics 
    • No prerequisites
    Confidentiality and Advocate Privilege
    • No prerequisites
    Intermediate Level Trainings  
     Advocates' Institute: Crisis Advocacy Skills 
    • All Introduction Level Trainings
     Advocates' Institute: Advocacy for Underserved Survivors
    • All Introduction Level Trainings
     Advocates' Institute: Legal Advcoacy Skills
    • All introduction Level Trainings
    Advocates' Institute: Culturally Responsive Court Survices
    •  All Introduction Level Trainings
    Advanced Level Trainings  
    Advocates' Institute: Systems Advocacy
    • All Introduction Level Trainings and
    • All Intermediate Level Trainings

    No, but you will have to demonstrate you have a good command of the Advocates' Institute: The Basics content. We have created a quiz you can complete prior to registering for any Intermediate level trainings. A score of 100% is required for the test to be accepted as a prerequisite for Intermediate level trainings.

    Other Advocates' Institue Trainings are also availible to test out from. Find more information about the Advocates' Institute trainings and how to test out of trainings at Advocates' Institute Training Series Webpage.

    A.I.: Confidentiality and Advocate Privilege is one of our On-Demand Online Trainings. You will find A.I.: Confidentiality and Advocate Privilege in the Online Trainings section of your Coalition Manager dashboard or by following this link.

    this training is completely self-guided and advocates can take the training at anytime.

     No. Due to the importance of confidentiality - for legal requirements and trauma-informed practices - all advocates participating in our Advocates' Institute Training Series should complete A.I.: Confidentiality and Advocate Privilege, even if it is a refresher.

    The NCCADV Training Team also hopes that advocates will consider taking A.I.: Confidentiality and Advocate Privilege once a year to stay up-to date and refresh their knowledge of confidenitality and advocate privilege.

Registration Process Questions

    Members can register for the Advocates' Institute Trainings by logging on to Coalition Manager and finding the A.I. training they wish to complete. These trainings can be found here.

Training Format Questions

    Basically - in a flipped classroom participants learn the content independently by completing assigned "pre-work" before coming together as a group to explore the training content through discussions and activities. Below is an infographic explaining what the Virtual Advocates' Institute "flipped classroom" looks like.

     Sample based on Advocates' Institute: The Basics