Advocates' Institute FAQ

Registration Questions

Questions about prerequisites

Why do some trainings have prerequisites?

Our Advocates' Institute curriculum builds on information from one training level to the next. Participants will be more successul if they have the information from the trainings in previous levels.

What Prerequisites are Required?
Training Title  Required Prerequisites 
100 Level Trainings  
 Advocates' Institue: The Basics 
  • No prerequisites
Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Advocates'
  • No prerequisites
200 Level Trainings  
 Advocates' Institute: Crisis Advocacy Skills 
  • All 100 Level Trainings
 Advocates' Institute: Advocacy for Underserved Survivors
  • All 100 Level Trainings
 Advocates' Institute: Legal Advcoacy Skills
  • All 100 Level Trainings
Advocates' Institute: Culturally Responsive Court Survices
  •  All 100 Level Trainings
300 Level Trainings  
Advocates' Institute: Systems Advocacy
  • All 100 Level Trainings and
  • All 200 Level Trainings


I already attended the in-person Domestic Violence Basics, do I have to complete the new Advocates' Institute: The Basics as well to qualify for 200 level trainings?

No but you will have to demonstrate you have a good command of the Advocates' Institute: The Basics content. We have created a quiz you can complete prior to registering for any 200 level trainings. A score of 100% is required for the test to be accepted as a prerequisite for 200 level trainings.

I don't see Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Advcocates listed in Training Events. How do I register for this training?

Confidentiality for Domesetic Violence Advocates is one of our On-Demand Online Trainings. You will find Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Advoacates in the Online Trainings section of your Coalition Manager dashboard or by following this link.

Is there a similar test for Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Advocacates that qualifies as a prerequisite for 200 level trainings?

 No. Due to the importance of confidentiality - for both legal requirements and trauma-informed practices - that everyone participating in our new Advcoates' Institute Training Series should complete Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Advocates, even if it is a refresher.

Registering Process Questions

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Training Format Questions

What is a "Flipped Classroom"?

Basicly - in a flipped classroom participants learn the content independantly by completing assigned "pre-work" before coming together as a group to explore the training content through discussions and activities. Below is an infographic explaining what theVirtual Advocates' Institute "flipped classroom" looks like.

 What Does a Typical Advocates' Institute Training Schedule Look Like?

 Sample based on Advocates' Institute: The Basics