Advocates' Institute

The Advocates’ Institute forms the foundation of NCCADV’s training program. It is intended for new advocates and those that feel they need a refresher. We offer it 2-3 times per year. We designed the Institute to build the following skills and competencies:

  • understand the dynamics of domestic violence
  • learn best practices in serving survivors of all ages and identities
  • gain a brief introduction to prevention of domestic violence so advocates are prepared to seek more training in that area

The Institute curriculum is regularly updated to include the newest information and cutting edge practices. It was completely revamped for 2017.

The overarching goal of the Institute is to increase the quality of services provided to survivors across the state. Helping advocates increase their skills results in higher confidence and increased creativity. Supporting organizations in their work can increase the longevity of staff tenure and the quality of the workplace.

We use the Institute to convey our priorities and beliefs about the best way to provide services to all survivors of domestic violence

Learn more details about the Advocate's Institute here.