We provide a wide range of services to help organizations in NC to: 

1) better serve domestic violence survivors and

2) improve prevention efforts. 

Domestic Violence Service Providers (DVSP) do important work to help survivors and their children. Our allies enrich the community with resources that further protect everyone in NC.

Our current services include:

  • Technical Assistance - Get answers to your questions, program materials, tailored assistance and more. Our staff members have expertise, ideas, and resources to help you.
  • Child Advocacy - Learn about our Child Advocacy and Services Enhancement (CASE) Project to help programs help children.
  • College & University - Receive guidance on policy development, prevention, and survivor response on campus.
  • Coordinated Community Response - Get resources on collaboration to improve your community's response to domestic violence.
  • Latinx Services Program - Expand your capacity to serve Latinx communities with our support.
  • LGBTQ Domestic Violence Response Initiative: Learn about our program to support DV agencies serve LGBTQ survivors in culturally relevant ways.
  • Health Care IPV Response Project - Learn more about how domestic violence impacts health and how DV agencies and health systems can work together to better serve survivors.
  • Prevention - Learn about our Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancements and Leadership Through Alliance (DELTA) project and get prevention resources.
  • Teen Dating Violence - Learn about Initiatives directed at adolescents and teens to prevent dating violence and domestic violence.
  • Data Collection System - Learn about the importance of using data collection systems and how to choose the right one for your agency.
  • Economic Advocacy and Justice Program - Learn more about how we are helping to develop survivor-centered economic advocacy programs across NC.
  • Silent Witness Program - Find ideas and resources to help you educate your community with silent witness events. 

In 2016 NCCADV experienced an increase in requests for our services. We met the need with substantial growth in the number of trainings and programs as well as a deeper level of technical assistance. Please contact us if you have questions or needs that aren't addressed on one of the services pages.