2020 Executive Directors Leadership Institute

2020 Executive Directors Leadership Institute

September – November

NCCADV’s 4th annual Executive Directors Leadership Institute (EDLI 2020) will be held this fall over 5 virtual sessions. All Executive Directors and campus program directors are invited to participate in the EDLI.

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Session Descriptions

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Session 1 Adaptive Leadership September 30th 10am – 12pm Heather Yandow, Third Space Studio Register Now
Session 2

Navigating Funding
through Precarious Times

October 15th 10am – 12pm Deborah DeBare, National Network
to End Domestic Violence
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Session 3

Reimagining DV Services
After COVID-19

October 29th 10am – 12pm Nan Stoops, Washington State
Coalition Against Domestic Violence
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Session 4

Risky Business: Creative Solutions 
Using a For-Profit Lens

November 5th 10am – 12pm Kris Britton, CEO & Business Consultant Register Now
Session 5 Supervising & Motivating Employees
Under Crisis
November 19th 10am – 12pm Meredith Emmett, Third Space Studio Register Now


Registration is now open for all sessions! You will need to register for each session separately.

All EDLI 2020 sessions will center on the theme of using adaptive leadership to address challenges in your organization. In other words, how we can adapt our services and leadership in the face of challenges brought on by COVID-19 and decreases in funding. 

Session Descriptions:

Session 1: Adaptive Leadership
September 30th, 10am – 12pm
Heather Yandow, Third Space Studio

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Description: If you've ever tried to engage your board in fundraising or attempted to get your co-workers to move to a new technology and failed, this session is for you! We'll talk about a new, more powerful way of understanding these seemingly straightforward shifts in activities and how attention to transitions can help you be a more successful leader. And as you consider bigger shifts in your programming, adoption of new remote work policies, or other COVID-related changes to your work, the skills to manage change will become even more critical. You'll leave with a new framework for addressing challenges in your organization, as well as tools to be a more effective leader.

Facilitator Bio: Heather Yandow is a collaborative co-conspirator and creative thinker with over 18 years of experience in the nonprofit world. Inspired by issues that touch her heart and organizations invested in relationships, Heather gets joy out of helping groups move forward from chaos to clarity. Phrases like “adaptive leadership” and “change management” are sure to get her mind churning.
Before Heather joined Third Space in 2010, she was the Director of Development and Communications with the NC Conservation Network, a statewide network of over 100 organizations focused on protecting North Carolina's environment and public health. With a personal motto of “just do it,” Heather identifies problems and dreams up actionable solutions. This talent has led to many projects: Heather is the founder of Nonprofit.ist, an online resource that helps pair nonprofits with the right consultants; a co-founder of Beehive Collective, a Raleigh-based giving circle; and the creator of Third Space Studio’s Individual Fundraising Benchmark Report.

Session 2: Navigating Funding through Precarious Times
October 15th, 10am – 12pm
Deborah DeBare, National Network to End Domestic Violence

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Description: In this workshop we will build a shared understanding of the current funding landscape for domestic violence service providers in order to identify strategies to stabilize, grow, and maximize resources. This workshop will be a facilitated discussion among program leadership with staff from the National Network to End Domestic Violence. We will share information with each other about fund development and strategic management when financial resources are diminishing.

Facilitator Bio: Deborah DeBare is currently the Senior Deputy Director at the National Network to End Domestic Violence, a national membership organization of state and territorial domestic violence coalitions. In this capacity, she provides training and technical assistance to coalitions, senior staff, boards and administrators around the country. She served as the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV) for over 22 years, leading the statewide organization through two decades of effective program development, legislative advocacy, and growth. Prior to that, Ms. DeBare served for five years as the Executive Director of the Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County and as the Policy and Information Associate for the Rhode Island Division of Mental Health and Community Services.

Session 3: Reimagining DV Services After COVID-19
October 29th, 10am – 12pm
Nan Stoops, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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Description: The Coronavirus pandemic, unchecked and increased violence against Black people, political and economic upheaval, and stay-at-home isolation have produced the “perfect storm” for the DV movement. We have a choice to make: run from the storm or into it. We choose to run into it and through it. We choose to come out the other side better, whole, loving, just, and more human. In this session, we will explore the ways in which our movement has pivoted and must continue to pivot in the face of what the year 2020 has brought. Let’s create a vision together for what our “new normal” will look like in the domestic violence movement.

Facilitator Bio: Nan Stoops has worked in the anti-violence movement as an advocate, trainer, and organizer for more than 40 years. Currently, she is the Strategic Advisor of the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV), where she served as the Executive Director for 17 years. WSCADV is a non-profit organization that works on behalf of nearly 70 community-based domestic violence advocacy agencies to create a world where all people can live and love freely without fear. Before coming to WSCADV in 1998, Nan was the Associate Director of the Faith Trust Institute, a national organization that mobilizes religious leaders and communities to address sexual and domestic violence. She was also a founding member of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, is a past board chair of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and has served on numerous boards and advisory groups.

Session 4: Risky Business: Creative Solutions Using a For-Profit Lens
November 5th, 10am – 12pm
Kris Britton, CEO & Business Consultant

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Description: The year 2020 has presented the world with unprecedented challenges that require adaptive leadership across all industries. The ability to remain an effective and efficient organization in this declining economy is a function of leadership adaptability and creativity. This session will explore for-profit approaches to problems that impact the financial sustainability of non-profit agencies. The goal is to develop realistic solutions using mindful corporate strategies that embrace metrics beyond the bottom line. Participants need only to bring an open mind and willingness to think outside the box.

Facilitator Bio: After graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Kris Britton became a police officer with the High Point Police Department, where she helped establish their first Youth Academy program to combat juvenile delinquency. After nine years of service, Kris became an educator with Guilford County Schools, where she taught social studies and coached basketball, before moving to central office as a district-level leader in curriculum and change. As an educator, Kris was named Guilford County Schools’ High School Teacher of the Year. Ten years later Kris resigned to pursue a new career path in corporate leadership and received her MBA from Wake Forest University. She is currently the CEO of Lucky Dog Volleyball, the official championship event merchandiser for USA Volleyball. Under her helm, the company’s revenues have grown exponentially.

Session 5: Supervising & Motivating Employees Under Crisis
November 19th, 10am – 12pm
Meredith Emmett, Third Space Studio

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Description: People are the most important resource in your organization; and effective supervision and management are essential to their success. 2020 has brought a lot of change and trauma to people, and the demands on us as leaders are growing. As leaders we’ve had to adapt our supervision approaches to this new reality. This workshop is designed to provide you with new mindset, tools, and habits to be a compassionate leader of a high performance team. In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn a framework for thinking about supervision
  • Explore what makes supervision and accountability challenging for you and your team
  • Learn some new tools and habits for delegation and accountability
  • Review some strategies and habits that you can use with your employees
  • Discover new ways to enhance your organization’s performance management systems

Facilitator Bio: When she was ten years old, Meredith Emmett wanted to be a marine biologist, a bicycle mechanic, or the president. Instead, she became a nonprofit leader with over 30 years of experience. Her curiosity, willingness to tinker, and driven vision never went away. As the founder of Third Space Studio, Meredith uses her thirty-plus years of experience as a nonprofit leader to help our clients grapple with challenges and amplify successes. Meredith deeply believes that we cannot tackle the complex challenges of today using yesterday’s practices. She gets excited about working with groups willing to explore transformational system change and creative approaches. From facilitating large cross-sector gatherings to working one-on-one as a coach and thought partner for executive directors, Meredith builds environments that encourage everyone to step into their power and take collaborative action. Prior to founding Third Space Studio in 2001, Meredith served as executive director of three North Carolina-based nonprofits: the Institute for Southern Studies, NC Community Shares, and Public Allies of NC. Meredith has served on numerous local, state, and national nonprofit boards. She currently sits on the board of Democracy NC and the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association.