January 1 - April 13, 2018 (14 Homicides) 

  1. Date: January 4, 2018
    Victim Name: Rebakah Madelynn Hart-O’Sullivan, 51
    Alleged Perpetrator: Patrick William O’Sullivan, 53
    Relationship: Husband
    Town: Concord    
    County: Cabarrus
    Weapon: Firearm

  2. Date: January 11, 2018
    Victim Name: Brittany White, 24
    Alleged Perpetrator: Jonathan Bennett, 23
    Relationship: Ex-boyfriend
    Town: Charlotte   
    County: Mecklenburg
    Weapon: Firearm
    Note: After allegedly killing Ms. White, Mr. Bennett went to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
    and opened fire on officers. One officer was wounded but survived. Mr. Bennett was killed by return fire.

  3. Date: January 20, 2018
    Victim Name: Amanda Lindsay, 23
    Alleged Perpetrator: Willie Darnell Martin, 40
    Relationship: Boyfriend
    Town: Winston-Salem
    County: Forsyth
    Weapon: Firearm

  4. Date: January 24, 2018      Murder-Suicide
    Victim Name: Nancy Clark, 72
    Alleged Perpetrator: Johnny Clark, 72
    Relationship: Husband
    Town: Granite Falls  
    County: Caldwell
    Weapon: Firearm

  5. Date: January 28, 2018      Murder-Suicide
    Victim Name: Donna Katrice Richardson, 36
    Alleged Perpetrator: Freddie Richardson, 57
    Relationship: Husband
    Town: Rocky Mount
    County: Halifax
    Weapon: Firearm

  6. Date: February 6, 2018      Murder-Suicide
    Victim Name: Sybil Hardee, 78
    Alleged Perpetrator: Lloyd Hardee, 82
    Relationship: Husband
    Town: Greenville 
    County: Pitt
    Weapon: Firearm

  7. Date: February 23, 2018
    Victim Name: Edna Strother, 76
    Alleged Perpetrator: James William Strother, 76
    Relationship: Husband
    Town: Fayetteville
    County: Cumberland
    Weapon: Firearm

  8. Date: March 1, 2018     
    Victim Name: James McNair, 51
    Alleged Perpetrator: Tiara Danielle Drake, 29
    Relationship: Girlfriend
    Town: Battleboro
    County: Nash
    Weapon: Set house on fire

  9. Date: March 7, 2018     
    Victim Name: Raymond Griffin, 74
    Alleged Perpetrator: Linda Griffin, 69
    Relationship: Wife
    Town: Grantsboro
    County: Pamlico
    Weapon: Firearm

  10. Date: March 24, 2018     
    Victim Name: Tina Marie Knighten, 61
    Alleged Perpetrator: Alvin William Wilson, 54
    Relationship: Boyfriend
    Town: Asheville
    County: Buncombe
    Weapon: Firearm

  11. Date: April 2, 2018  Murder-Suicide
    Victim Name: Dana Annette Foster, 30
    Alleged Perpetrator: Dustin Ricky Wilkie, 28
    Relationship: Boyfriend
    Town: Level Cross
    County: Randolph
    Weapon: Firearm

  12. Date: April 8, 2018
    Victim Name: Aiyonna Clarice Barrett, 18
    Alleged Perpetrator: Brian Lovon Little, 18
    Relationship: Ex-boyfriend
    Town: Southern Pines
    County: Moore
    Weapon: Firearm
    Note: Ms. Barrett was pregnant and full-term at the time of her murder. 

  13. Date: April 11, 2018  Murder-Suicide
    Victim Name: Kacey Case Haney, 39
    Alleged Perpetrator: Jeffrey Dale Haney, 48
    Relationship: Estranged husband
    Town: Marion
    County: McDowell
    Weapon: Firearm

  14. Date: April 11, 2018  Murder-Suicide
    Victim Name: Christopher Scott Childres, 49
    Alleged Perpetrator: Jeffrey Dale Haney, 48
    Relationship: None
    Town: Marion
    County: McDowell
    Weapon: Firearm
    Note: Mr. Haney allegedly killed Mr. Childres at the same time that he allegedly killed
    Mrs. Haney, his ex-wife, before killing himself.