Health Care IPV Response Project

IPV provider grantIn February of 2013, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued a new grade B recommendation that clinicians screen women of childbearing age for intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence, and refer women who screen positive to intervention services.

With this and other new ACA coverage requirements for screening and response, addressing IPV in the health setting is becoming the standard of care.

The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV) received grant funding from the federal Office of Women’s Health to improve the healthcare response to IPV in North Carolina.

The NCCADV Health Care IPV Response Project will developtoolkit that includes our recommended protocol and training curricula to promote the integration of IPV education, screening, brief counseling and referrals to local domestic violence service providers (DVSPs), into routine health care.

NCCADV is currently recruiting eight primary care clinics to evaluate the recommended protocol before distributing the toolkit statewide.

If you are potentially interested in partnering with NCCADV on this initiative, please review the following expectations (below) and fill out this interest form:


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NCCADV’s Commitment to our Partner Clinics:

  • NCCADV will provide technical assistance to help participating clinics implement the toolkit best practice recommendations.
  • NCCADV will provide training on IPV for clinic staff and providers.
  • NCCADV will provide educational materials and posters.
  • NCCADV will provide financial support to assist with project coordination, evaluation activities, and staffing at cohort sites, up to $42,500 per year, for two years. Specific responsibilities and compensation will be determined based on the needs and capacities of the clinic.

Commitments of Partner Clinics:

  • Providers and staff will attend role-specific training and will have the opportunity to provide feedback on trainings and protocol to NCCADV via surveys.
  • Designated providers and/or staff will implement routine brief education and screening with adult female patients and keep a record of these activities in a reporting template provided by NCCADV.
  • Providers and/or staff will facilitate warm referrals to the local Domestic Violence Service Provider (DVSP) and keep a record of these referrals in a reporting template provided by NCCADV.
  • Clinic staff and/or providers will offer brief-counseling in the clinic (or over the phone) to all patients who disclose IPV. (Note: brief counseling can be provided by in-house behavioral health staff or by local DVSP staff, depending on the capacity and preferences of the clinic).
  • Clinics will assist project staff in directing patients to an online patient survey. (Note: these surveys include an opportunity for survivors to participate in follow-up interviews).
  • Clinics will submit reporting templates to NCCADV.


Project Coordinator: Liz Stern
Phone: 919-956-9124, Ext. # 231 

Project Specialist: Cassandra Rowe
Phone:919-956-9124, Ext. # 233

Evaluation Coordinator: Rachel Dooley
Phone: 919-956-9124, Ext. # 201

Evaluation Specialist: Jenny Williams
Phone: 919-956-9124, Ext. # 232

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.