Introducing Queering Safety: A Toolkit for Safer Service Provision to Queer and Trans Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

This toolkit is designed to be a launchpad for domestic violence service providers to consider the ways they can enhance, modify, and re-imagine their services to be culturally relevant for queer and transgender survivors of domestic violence.

Some of these tools are relevant to direct service providers, while others may be more geared toward decision makers. Throughout the kit, look for the pink/purple Delta symbol for decision-maker tools, and the purple/lavender arrow symbol for tools for direct service providers.

This toolkit was designed to echo themes of zines, a common art-based communication/ education tool in queer and trans community. The tools in here are by no means exhaustive. Furthermore; their application is by no means limited to domestic violence service providers. Throughout the kit, look for the white G symbol (left), for tools that could be applicable in general to non-domestic violence agencies.

Consider this toolkit as an inventory of reflection on areas for capacity building within your agencies. As questions and ideas come up, we encourage you to reach out to NCCADV for training and technical assistance. Contact NCCADV’s Technical Assistance Coordinator, Jessica Perkins-Thompson (she/hers).