January 1 - March 12, 2021 (7 homicides)

      1. Date: January 14, 2021
        Victim Name: Joshua Brandon Pritchard, 37
        Alleged Perpetrator: Robin Daniels Eudy, 43
        Relationship: Partner
        Town: Marion 
        County: McDowell
        Weapon: Firearm

      2. Date: January 17, 2021      Murder-Suicide
        Victim Name: Yvonne Elizabeth Christiansen, 54
        Alleged Perpetrator: Anthony Eugene Jooker, 57
        Relationship: Ex-partner
        Town: Sanford
        County: Lee
        Weapon: Firearm

      3. Date: January 25, 2021      Murder-Suicide
        Victim Name: Louise Seslar, 74
        Alleged Perpetrator: Robert Seslar, 63
        Relationship: Spouse
        Town: Bostic
        County: Rutherford
        Weapon: Firearm

      4. Date: February 4, 2021
        Victim Name: Blanca E. Cadavid, 34
        Alleged Perpetrator: Josue Drumond-Cruz, 34
        Relationship: Partner
        Town: High Point
        County: Guilford
        Weapon: Firearm
        Note: Mr. Drumond-Cruz was killed in a stand-off with police hours after he allegedly killed Ms. Cadavid. Three officers were shot by Mr. Drumond-Cruz during the altercation.

      5. Date:  February 23, 2021     Murder-Suicide
        Victim Name: Larry Donnell Morrisey, 48
        Alleged Perpetrator: Beronica Brooks, 48
        Relationship: Ex-partner
        Town: Wendell
        County: Wake
        Weapon: Unknown

      6. Date:  February 23, 2021     Murder-Suicide
        Victim Name: Unreleased, 9
        Alleged Perpetrator: Beronica Brooks, 48
        Relationship: Unknown
        Town: Wendell
        County: Wake
        Weapon: Unknown
        Note: A 9-year-old girl was killed during a domestic violence murder-suicide. Although the details of her relationship to the adult victim and alleged perpetrator are currently unknown, she is included in this list because she was killed during an act of domestic violence.

      7. Date: February 25, 2021
        Victim Name: Enelrae Collier Rubenstahl, 59
        Alleged Perpetrator: Leo George Rubenstahl, 57
        Relationship: Spouse
        Town: Linden
        County: Cumberland
        Weapon: Firearm