Finance: Assists the Chief Executive Officer in planning the budget and setting fundraising goals for the coming years. Also develops fiscal management policies and procedures. This committee is chaired by the Treasurer.

Board Development Committee: Recruits and nominates board members to fill vacant positions in accordance with the bylaws and regularly conducts an assessment and evaluation of the board and individual board members to inform the recruitment process and maintain quality participation.

Fund Development Committee: Develops an annual fund development plan for the organization and assists in raising funds with a focus on unrestricted resources. Members of this committee should have skills or interests in one or more of the following areas: relationships with potential sponsors and/or donors; fundraising; event planning; public relations; communications; or marketing.

Steering: Consists of the officers of the Board, all Caucus Representatives on the Board, and the Chief Executive Officer as an ex-officio member. The Co-chairs of the Board of Directors are the chairs of this committee. This committee has the power to conduct such affairs as are of urgent nature and require attention between meetings of the Board of Directors and must report any action taken at the next meeting of the Coalition, or of the Board in its entirety. This committee is also responsible for personnel issues as they arise.