Benefits of Caucuses

  • Coalition building and inclusiveness of all members>
  • Help non-caucus members to value diversity and learn to respect other's differences>
  • Decrease risks to individuals by speaking in a united voice
  • Keep organizations "on task" mindful of the underrepresented group and the organizations commitment to empowerment
  • Provide support for individuals who differ from the "mainstream"

Current Caucuses

Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships (SOAR Caucus)

SOAR Mission Statement:

SOARThe Mission of SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships) is to provide a voice to those impacted by domestic violence: past, present and future.

This caucus promotes formerly battered women as survivors rather than victims and works to change perceptions and stereotypes about battered women through public awareness and education. To get involved, please contact: NCCADV (919) 956-9124


Women of Color Caucus  


Lesbian/Bi-Sexual Women's Caucus

lgbt-symbolThis caucus represents a community open to all women who self-identify as Lesbian or Bi-Sexual and who are committed to ending domestic violence. Our vision is to end homophobia and same-sex battering by increasing awareness, providing support, and advocating for change. To get involved, please contact: NCCADV (919) 956-9124 

Download the LBW Caucus Brochure


Rural Caucus

Rural is a county or other community with a population density of fewer than 25 people per square mile and having a lack of or insufficient amount of services, such as transportation, housing, legal services, employment opportunities, education, childcare, technology, and justice system accessibility.

The Rural Caucus mission is to provide a network of support for rural service providers, work for the enhancement of services, and be a voice for the needs and concerns of rural survivors and their communities in working to end domestic violence in rural areas.

The Rural Caucus goals include:

  • Community awareness regarding rural challenges
  • Funding resources for rural domestic violence programs
  • Increasing resources available to rural areas
  • Rural interagency networking
  • Voicing the concerns of rural survivors, communities, and service providers within NCCADV and with funders and policy makers
  • Providing resources to programs in meeting the needs of diverse members of rural communities (e.g., immigrants, Latinx communities, African-Americans, Native Americans, LGBTQ, persons living in poverty, persons with disabilities)
  • Increase training for programs in rural areas
  • Developing capacity to use technology to meet training and other program needs.

Membership in the Domestic Violence Rural Caucus: Any board member, staff, volunteer of a NCCADV member program who self identifies as rural domestic violence prevention advocates. The Rural Caucus brings advocates together to network, share ideas and to discuss innovative approaches and materials.

To join or confirm continued membership in the Rural Caucus, please email the Rural Caucus Representative, Tonya Gray, at