Donate to the Night of Safety Fund

Donate to the Night of Safety Fund

The incidences of violence within the home have increased due to COVID-19. In plain terms, the situation is dire. The Night of Safety Fund supports this surging cost  of providing shelter to survivors. With the funds raised in this campaign, NCCADV will provide direct support for those seeking shelter and prepaid cellular phones to provide safety while social distancing.

When survivors are in crisis due to domestic violence, it is challenging for many survivors to also have the capacity to manage their response to the pandemic (a second crisis). The staff attorneys at NCCADV are helping survivors make safety plans, both for domestic violence as well as the coronavirus.

The daily lives of individuals living with abusive partners have been disrupted by COVID-19 with catastrophic consequences, including increasing tensions at home, decreasing privacy and personal space, increasing opportunities for manipulation, and decreasing opportunities to connect with loved ones face-to-face.

Please donate TODAY to build up our Night of Safety Fund (see form below).

  • $150 pays for a 3-night hotel room with interior hallway
    The time at which an individual or family group flees a domestic violence situation is the most dangerous. A three-night stay in this setting will afford survivors time to breathe and plan next steps while safely isolating by family unit.
  • $75 pays for a one-night hotel room with interior hallway
    The first night away from the dysfunctional and harmful home environment is critical to provide hope to survivors as well as a break to the hypervigilance required living in an abusive setting
  • $50 for one week of groceries
    For individuals seeking shelter, short term provisions become an immediate priority. $50 sets a family up for the first week.
  • $25 pays for a prepaid calling card for a prepaid cellular phone
    Survivors are often isolated from loved ones by abusive partners as a means to compromise social connections and control perceived "threats" to subordination. A prepaid cellular phone could allow for contacting family and friends, aligning services, and tending to other personal needs while making a plan to seek safety.

You may also choose to donate additional funds to NCCADV to carry out their mission.

Please contact Carianne E. Fisher, MSW at or 919-956-9124 x202 if you have questions.

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