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Who Are Women of Color?

Women of Color are defined as including but not limited to women who self-identify as African, African-American, Arab, Asian Pacific Islander, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indo-Chinese, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, Haitian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American/Indigenous, South Asian and other women of the Diasporas.

Why Consider The Women of Color Caucus?

Frequently, the question arises "why should women of color caucuses even exist? "Many may view the women of color caucus as an entity that is divisive however women of color face similar difficulties that are painful. A caucus can function in a manner that they can help restore energy and confidence drained by racism. Women who experience challenges due to oppression and racism need support from other women who understand their impact on all members of their group.  The Women of Color Caucus (WOC) hopes to strengthen member programs and NCCADV as a whole by providing a voice for women of color by women of color; their concerns, their needs, their fears, and desires for their lives.

 ~National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Our Purpose:

The NCCADV Women of Color Caucus seeks to empower women of color affected by domestic violence with information, training, support, advocacy, networking opportunities and by dismantling racism. We promote inclusiveness and heightened awareness of the needs of women of color who are survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence and who advocate to end violence against women.

Our Focus for the Future:

  • Continue cultural competency workshops and training opportunities throughout NC, particularly within communities of color.

  • Gain visibility on HBCU colleges/universities throughout NC with the intentions of connecting with young women of color and providing them with support and education around domestic violence through campus programming efforts.

  • Establishing mentorship with women of color entering domestic violence arena in efforts to provide guidance and leadership development.

  • Engage the women of color within the faith community and pursue partnerships to provide more domestic violence awareness in conjunction with the affects of domestic violence within communities of color.

Our Accomplishments:

  • Facilitated workshops at conferences and state domestic violence agencies surrounding the intersection of domestic violence, diversity and affects within communities of color.

  • Hosted workshop on engaging men in movement; examined how men can stop violence and how to work with male allies within the domestic violence field.

  • Maintain quarterly caucus meetings throughout NC, hosted by staff within member programs.


If you are interested in joining the Women of Color Caucus or have any questions/concerns, please contact:

Tiffany Garner
North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Women of Color Caucus Chair

Phone: 336-407-7044

Teneisha Towe
North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Women of Color Caucus Alternate Chair

Phone: 919-264-5035

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